Pump Room Renovation

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Orchard Farms Pump Room Renovation:

As a swimming pool ages, repairs in the pump room become more and more necessary and frequent. Eventually, the best option becomes the simplest: to start over from scratch. That is where the UPM team comes into play. After years of service, our long-time customer, Orchard Farms, had finally reached that point.

While operating a three-pump system along with three multiports, we were always able to maintain a great swimming pool experience for their community. But in order to maintain that excellent quality, the repairs were adding up in the pump room. After meeting with their community, we reached an agreement to change their pump room to a single-pump, butterfly-valve system, which created a more energy efficient system with better flow and circulation for their pool.

This new system will start paying for itself instantly. With a more energy-efficient pump than their previous system, their community will begin to save money the moment we turn it on. With a better designed plumbing system, the pool will instantly see better flow and better filtration. Overall, we are extremely excited to maintain and service this new system in the years to come!


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